Frequently Asked Questions

What is HCH Finance?

HCH Finance is a online provider of working capital financing to small to medium sized businesses. We offer financing mainly through our invoice factoring and invoice discounting products. We believe in making business financing fast, simple, and transparent so that business owners like you can spend your time growing your business, not managing your cash flow.

What are the benefits of using HCH Finance?

  • Speed: We generally will approve applications within 24 hours, and after that we can get you funds as fast as a few hours after your request
  • Simplicity: A 5 - 10 minute application.
  • Transparency: When approved, we give you one rate for factored invoices. As long as your account is in good standing, this includes everything except the optional wire transfer fee (Ugx15,000)
  • Flexibility: Fund only when you need, and pay only for what you use
  • Personal Service: Our customer success team ready to answer any question or help with any issue

Do I need invoicing or accounting software to use HCH Finance?

No. You can use HCH Finance even if you don't use invoicing or accounting software.


What information do you need from me to apply?

The HCH Finance application is three simple steps that can be completed in minutes.
We ask for:

  • General Information about your business, such as physical address, monthly turnover and VAT number. See registration form available on our website.
  • Information about the business owner applying, including TIN and National ID Number
  • Either a read-only connection to your business’ bank account or your 6-12 most recent months of bank statements

The information you provide is stored in accordance with our strict Privacy Policy and encrypted to make sure that it is always safe and secure.

How is qualification for a HCH Finance account determined?

Qualification for HCH Finance is determined based on a number of factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, your business cash flow, the strength of your customers, and to a lesser extent your personal and business credit history. You do not have to have perfect credit to work with us. We work with a broad range of clients, including those with below average credit.

How quickly does HCH Finance make funding decisions?

After the registration process, we typically respond to your application within 24 hours.

How much funding will I have access to?

HCH Finance offers up to 90% cash payment for each invoice value ranging between Ugx5, 000,000 and Ugx50, 000,000. Your credit line is the total amount of funding that you can have outstanding at any given time, and will replenish as your customers pay outstanding invoices (for invoice factoring).

Are there termination fees if I want to leave?

No. As long as you have no balances outstanding, you can stop using HCH Finance at any time with no penalties or fees.

Does HCH Finance provide unsecured financing?

HCH Finance financing is not unsecured. However, we do not require any specific amount, type or value of collateral and no appraisal or specific assets are required. Financing is secured by a general lien on the assets of the business and backed by a personal guarantee. We do not take personal assets as collateral.