fast funding for your business and personal needs

fast funding for your business and personal needs

fast funding for your business and personal needs

Our Services

Invoice Discounting

Turn unpaid invoices into cash

Salary Loans

Get cash advance against your salary

Supply Chain Financing

Let us finance your supplies

Grow Your Business Without the Hassle of Collaterals

Unlock money tied up in invoices through the power of Invoice Discounting in less than 24 hours.


Take an Instant Salary Advance directly into your Mobile Money Account or Bank Account

Whether it’s a personal or medical emergency or paying for your child’s school fees, we have got you covered.


Easy to get started

HCH Finance makes business funding quick and painless. Apply online and get approved in as fast as 8 hours.

Flexible by design

Use your available credit line when you want, for any business need. Enjoy no long-term contracts or prepayment fees.

Dedicated advisors

Our advisors are available to walk you through the process and help you obtain the funds you need.

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See What Our Clients Have To Say About HCH

We have piece of mind with HCH Financial Services Limited because we are able to have our invoices discount within a few hours. We thank you for pushing us towards the success of our projects.

Shaban Mukasa . JSG Construction Limited

When I had conceded a financial resource defeat, HCH proved what dynamic financial redemption means. I am now comfortable to negotiate and secure any contract and I deliver on time.

Felix Kakaire . Bullen Construction

HCH Financial Services is the kind of partner any business needs to move to the next level. They are not stuck to the traditional financing procedure but rather are able to tailor a response to even the most peculiar financing needs any business would have. They are also very professional , quick to respond, straight forward and agile. I would recommend their service to any business even in my sleep.

Timothy Bukenya . Fine Media limited

HCH is here to help us in the execution of work, I have just started using them. Not too much red tape, the service is quick, and convenient.

Paddy Mutyaba . Antikale Entertainment Limited