About Us

HCH Finance is a pioneer in offering online invoice factoring services in Uganda. We aim to become Uganda's leading and largest entity in factoring and other innovative services and products within the next 3-5 years by offering growing small to medium sized enterprises an alternative to traditional bank loans and overdrafts.

We create financing to fit each business with credit lines for invoice factoring of between Ugx5,000,000 and up to Ugx100,000,000. Signing up for services with HCH Finance provides immediate and free access to a business dashboard from which users can select which invoices to fund and receive funds with a short turnaround time. With HCH Finance, there are no hidden fees and no minimums, meaning firms can use the invoice factoring as long as necessary.

We target clients' whose turnovers range from Ugx30,000,000 to Ugx1,000,000,000 per month. Our independence allows us the fastest turnaround time in the industry from application to pay-out.

After the initial registration and application process, our repeat clients can factor their invoices in less than 24 hours. We target to serve small to medium sized businesses that do business with reputable companies covering in the following sectors:

  • Utility companies
  • Hospitality
  • Oil and Gas
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Media Houses
  • Staffing agencies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Printing
  • Logistics
  • Insurance companies
  • Medical firms or Doctors
  • Security guard companies
  • Construction
  • Office supplies companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Food and Beverages

Mission & Vision

At HCH Finance, we want to grow our presence in the SME market, in order to support the development of this vital segment of our economy thus contributing to one of the Uganda's goal of financial inclusion and deepening across businesses.


  • A culture of entrepreneurial and innovative thinking
  • Establishing integrity, trust, respect and confidentiality
  • Delivering flexibility and consistency
  • Maintaining an energetic team that is committed to satisfying the growing needs of business