Salary Loans

About HCH Early Salary Products

HCH Financial Services Limited aims to provide innovative financial products to employees of reputable organizations in Uganda within the shortest period possible using technology that is readily available to interested parties at their fingertips. There is no need to fill any forms or even move from your workstations. To access our services, all one needs is to be salaried with a qualifying employer, have an active mobile phone, access to the internet and a copy of your National ID.

Our Products


HCH Salary Advance

This product allows employees of qualifying companies to access up to 30% of their net monthly pay on a monthly basis at a fixed charge. Repayment of such amounts would be deducted at source on the next payroll processing due date. Employees can elect for such amounts to be paid directly onto their bank account or mobile money account.


HCH School Fees Loan

This product allows employees of qualifying companies to access up to 150% of their monthly net salary in order to enable them to settle school fees requirements. These amounts would be recoverable directly from the employer's payroll over a period not exceeding 3 months at a nominal fixed charge per month.


HCH Rent Advance

This product is aimed at settling home rent payments demands made by the ever demanding landlords. It's similar to the School Fees loan arrangement in terms of repayment and charges.


What are HCH Loan Products?

These are predominantly short term cash advances on your salary. Unlike standard loan procedures, HCH loan products are approved and disbursed faster, with minimum hassle and paperwork. Eligibility for cash loans depends on your employment and payroll records. Without a definitive and reliable employee history, it would be difficult for you to qualify for cash loans online.

How are HCH Loan Products Beneficial for Me?

(i) Quick Disbursements
Unexpected expenses can become quite problematic, especially if you have limited monthly income and high day-to-day expenditure. Dealing with late penalties or curbing your expenses can get quite stressful, immediate HCH Loans help you get out of such situations. Online cash loans have quick approvals and less paperwork, making the procedure faster and easier for you.

(ii) Convenience
With mobile applications providing instant cash loans, HCH Financial Services Limited aim to solve various financial challenges that hamper you from focusing on important aspects of your life. Often, cash loan providers pre-approve loans of an employee of verified institutions to make the process smoother and hassle-free. For the same reason, most cash loan institutions do not require guarantors before they grant you any credit.

(iii) Easy Eligibility
Cash loan apps calculate your eligibility for the loan amount based on your monthly income. It is generally close to 30% of your gross monthly salary or more than that depending mostly upon the type of loan and tenure. However, for every individual application, the eligibility criteria might differ. On the HCH Loan Product App, the process is simple. You can login to the app, fill out some details and get instant cash straight to your account or mobile money account.

How Do HCH Loan Products Loans Work?

Instant loans are most suitable for professionals who often find themselves short on cash just before the next salary comes. They are quick, easy, secure and often affordable for short term needs.

Let us take you through the HCH Loan Product registration process.

✔ Download the FREE HCH Loan Products Android/iOS mobile app and login using your mobile number and/or National ID No or dial USSD code #252* and follow steps in order to apply for a loan.

✔ Complete the One-Time registration process by filling out an online form with basic details like your name, mobile number and National ID No

✔ Upload the required documents e.g. copy of National ID and most recent pay slip

After registration and a quick evaluation and verification is done with of your employer, you get an acknowledgement approval within minutes. To start transacting, input a one-time password and apply for loan. Money disbursal will happen on the very same day if within agreed application terms and timelines.

Why HCH Loan Products when it comes to instant Cash Loans?

Here are some excellent reasons why you should choose HCH Financial Services

(i) No Hidden Charges

We believe in being fair and transparent and giving value to our customers. Most people are misled when it comes to interest rates and other hidden charges by similar apps online. At HCH Financial Services Limited, we have no hidden charges, we only charge a fixed charge that you are required to pay on the payment due date and also have a loan calculator that shows the exact amount you are required to repay at the end of your loan tenure in the event that your repayment period exceeds 30days.

(ii) Eligibility

You must:
✔ Be a salaried individual
✔ Meet the minimum salary requirement
✔ Have a valid and active phone number and of course, a mobile phone!

(iii) Fewer Documents Requirement for a Personal Cash Loan Online

✔ Copy of National ID
✔ Evidence of at least 2 most recent pay slips

(iv) Highly Secure and Confidential

We understand the sensitive nature of your personal data and care for it as much as you do. We put our customer’s data security at utmost priority. We make sure all your information is safe and secure with us and your data is kept confidential from unauthorized sources at all time, during and post transaction.

What are the Common Mistakes I should be Aware of When Applying for Cash Loans Online?

While applying for a cash loans online, make sure you avoid the following mistakes

✔ As the information provided by you and your employment goes through a stringent verification process, make sure you provide accurate details. In case of invalid information, your cash loan application gets rejected immediately

✔ Failure to read the fine print. When applying for a loan, it’s easy to miss out seemingly minor details in your contract due to carelessness (or even sheer indifference). This will lead to you having to pay exorbitant fees in the long run.

✔ Going overboard. Before applying for a loan, always make sure to estimate the amount of money that is required to suit your needs.

How do I Repay My HCH Loans?
Loan repayments for HCH Loan Products are recovered directly from your employer’s payroll.