Pricing Structure

Standard Pricing and Fees

HCH Finance has no setup fees, subscription fees, long-term contracts or termination fees. We believe a great product and excellent customer service is the best customer retention tool.

With your credit line, you only pay for what you need, and no more. You have complete freedom to decide what customers and which invoices within each customer to submit for advance. This gives you the control to manage your cash-flow and avoid unnecessary fees. Standard HCH Finance pricing varies from 1% per week with a 2 weeks minimum charge.

This amounts to Ugx50,000 per week for a Ugx5,000,000 invoice. Unlike many lenders, HCH Finance does not charge any origination fees, just a weekly discount rate. If you are invoicing more than Ugx20,000,000 per month, request online or call us for a custom quote. Our rates can go as low as 1% per week depending on your situation.