How we work?

Getting started with HCH Finance

You will be required to register your business we HCH Finance such that we create an account for you. Once the registration is completed, an application form will automatically be generated and received by HCH Finance.

How it works

HCH Finance gives you an advance on your invoices so you can free up your cash flow to buy inventory, make payroll or expand your business. We'll give you between 75% and 85% of the value of your invoice upfront, and the other balance of between 25% and 15%, minus our fees, when your customer makes payment to your HCH Finance account.

The application process

Your application is evaluated and your credit line set, after you submit your business details via our online registration form. Once you fulfil our registration requirements, you will receive an email with your HCH Finance account information together with your credit line. After approval, your individual invoices will be evaluated for funding as you submit them up to your credit line.

The HCH Finance Account

Your HCH Finance account is e-mail based and may include a bank account, both in your business name, where your customers can make payment. Because customers may make payment in your business name, HCH Finance gives you the discretion you need to manage your client relationships.

Submitting an invoice for advance

Submitting an invoice for advance is easy. All you have to do is log on to your account with us and submit the invoice details you wish to advance. All this can be done online. On your first submission, you'll be prompted to enter the bank account number where you wish the payment to be made.

Once you've entered the payment information, your request will be submitted for evaluation. You should expect to hear back within a business day. If you made an error, you can easily cancel the request.

Submitting manual invoices

You can also submit manual invoices by getting in touch with one of our credit consultants via email or telephone.