Credit Lines

Starting & maximum credits lines

Factoring credit lines range from Ugx5,000,000 to Ugx100,000,000. Your credit line is the total amount of invoices that you can fund through us and have outstanding at any given time. Both your total and available credit line amounts will be displayed on your account with HCH Finance while submitting your invoices for payment.Over time, as you establish your history with HCH Finance, you may be eligible for an increase.

Using your credit line

Your initial credit line is set the first time you submit information about your business. It is determined based on a number of factors, included but not limited to your business history and your customer profile. While we take credit history into consideration, we focus on the quality of the specific invoice and customer, not only personal credit score and collateral. A great advantage of using HCH Finance is that you can leverage the credit-worthiness of your customers. We work with any of your customer invoices but generally speaking, larger businesses or government invoices are preferred.


You are free to use the balance remaining on your credit line as long as none of your outstanding invoices are beyond their due date. You can turn your credit line as often as you wish as long as your account is in good standing.


Increasing your credit line

There are several actions you can take to start building your credit line. For one, you should ensure that payments for invoices funded by HCH Finance are received at your HCH Finance bank account within the grace period. In addition, pass-through payments help you build a positive track record with HCH Finance and qualify for a higher credit line and better rate.